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To deliver your controlled atmosphere modular units, we guide you through the definition of your needs through to the qualification on site, with the associated maintenance. Thanks to regulatory expertise and a multidisciplinary design office, we offer turnkey, business solutions, from insulation to air treatment.

Research laboratory
Operating theatre
Clean room
Modular hospital

Microbiological Safety Laboratories

BSL2/BSL3 laboratories
Analytical laboratories
Animal housing facilities
Virus procedures

Classified on a scale of 1 to 4 based on the level of danger of risk, microbiological safety laboratories both protect the operator and the laboratory surroundings from possible biological contamination thanks to:

  • an airtight chamber,
  • depressurised premises (preventing any leaks to the outside),
  • a discharged air filter.
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CPU: Cytotoxic production unit

Our preparation areas are regulatory compliant and meet the needs of anti-cancer drug preparation.

  • regulatory compliance (BPP, BPPH)
  • autonomy
  • fast installation > reduced time on site
  • mobile or static
  • temporary installation possible
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Operating theatre

The modular operating room design allows for flexibility of layout and speed of installation.

Our turnkey solutions meet your different needs:

  • Static or mobile operating rooms
  • All types of surgery, with or without interventional imaging
  • All risk classes: from risk 2 to risk 4
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Clean room

Solutions adapted to your pharmaceutical or biotechnology production laboratories:

  • Classified areas (from D to A) and unclassified areas
  • GMP compliant
  • Layout and furnishing of staff airlocks and changing rooms
  • Laboratory layout and furnishing
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Modular hospital

The modular hospital is an effective and rapid technical response, especially in the context of a health crisis. It is composed of several autonomous modules: ICU, isolation rooms, imaging, screening, etc.

Modular construction has various advantages:

  • Autonomy
  • Easy to transport
  • Short lead times, fast construction
  • Quality guarantee due to factory prefabrication
  • Reduction of on-site risks
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Some examples of application

Installation of a P3 laboratory in a container

Modular hospital

Mobile chemotherapy preparation units



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